Physician practice management platform focused on underserved communities in the Northeastern United States.

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MaryRuth Organics

Digitally native health and wellness brand operating in the premium vitamins, minerals, and supplements (“VMS”) industry.

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WM Partners

Health and wellness platform that markets personal care products, functional foods and natural remedies in the United States (e.g. Jade Leaf Matcha, Great Lakes Gelatin and Ultima Replenisher).

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Leading brand in plant-based protein powder in the United States and Canada.

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Leading omni-channel eyewear retailer in Southern Asia and the Middle East.

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5G Spectrum Auction

Acquisition of 10 Mid-Band Spectrum licenses in 10 markets in Auction 107 in the United States (e.g. Los Angeles, San Francisco).

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Resolution Life Group

Global life insurance group focusing on the acquisition and management of portfolios of life insurance policies.

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SemCAMS Midstream

Gas gathering and processing business that provides midstream solutions in Western Canada.

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HST Pathways

Providers of cloud-based software for ambulatory surgery centers across the United States.

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Biotech formed in the United States to drive down drug prices by developing lower-cost alternatives to branded medicines.

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Kronos Homes

Development of first and second homes across key Spanish regions.

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Chain of hospitality properties across Europe and the United States.

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Premier Technical Services Group

Provider of testing, inspection and certification services for UK buildings. Majority sold to Warburg Pincus in 2021.

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London Executive Offices

One of UK’s leading providers of serviced offices, business meeting rooms and virtual office services. Sold in 2018.

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Health and wellness company based in Florida, United States, that manufactures and markets leading dietary supplement brands. Sold to The Clorox Company in 2018.

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NeonWood Frankfurter Tor

Development and management of high-end student housing projects containing 1,300+ apartments in Berlin. Sold in 2018 to student housing operator GSA, which is backed by Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC.

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